Maker Faire Heilbronn

Am 24. February 2024 finds it Maker Faire in Heilbronn instead of. And we are there as exhibitors!

Our FabLab already has some experience with Maker Faires, since we are in 2022 were already represented in Sindelfingen. Please refer here and the pictures here (Image no. 24).

This year we're going a little further east instead of south, namely to Heilbronn. The MakerSpace is located there “experiment” and hosts the first Maker Faire of the year. We will show some cool projects, that our members made in the FabLab and even a lecture about the PlayStation 2 and reverse engineering.

We look forward to your visit!

Demoscene Night

The demoscene. A phenomenon mainly from Europe. What is it and how did it come about? How long has the demoscene existed?? We will answer these and other questions at our next event: the Demoscene Night.

There will be a short presentation as an introduction, to show the terms and history of the scene. No fear, the presentation is short and crisp, we don't want to bore you with hundreds of slides. After that we will run various "demos" on classic computers such as e.g. an Amiga 500 show. There are also drinks, Snacks and pizza and hopefully a good party atmosphere.

The Demoscene Night takes place on 8. July (Saturday) directly after the public regulars' table. So here we go 20 o Clock. Participation in the event is free, but we would like to ask for it, you about the calendar entry to register, so we can estimate, How many participants should we expect?. You can find more information in our Wiki.


Our first, official event will take place this Sunday (26.03.) von 15 to 18 o'clock instead!

We will hold an Easter workshop for young and old. In the workshop you can either use finished designs (similar to the pictures) choose, personalize them or create your own motifs. We can then cut the motif out of wood for you with a Makeblock laser cutter. The laser cutter is on loan from the Solectric GmbH from Ubstadt-Weiher.

In addition to the laser cutter, we will also turn on our 3D printer and print out a few little things there as well. Next to the Anycubic Mega X is the Elegoo Mars 2 Pro ready, who can create very high resolution objects out of resin.

Image and rabbit model: Thingiverse / Taurus82

The workshop is free and can be attended without registration. We look forward to seeing you!

You can also find the date in our event calendar.

poll results “FabLab Bruchsal e.V. Make a wish”

We have in December 2022 started a poll, to find out about your wishes for the FabLab Bruchsal. The survey ran until the end of January and meanwhile we have gone through the submissions and discussed them in a board meeting, how and what we can implement.

The first two questions concerned opening hours. Many were unhappy, that both appointments – the members' evening and the public regulars' table – were on Friday night. Saturday afternoon was chosen with an overwhelming majority for a new date. at, the us about Twitter, Facebook or in ours Telegram-follow channel, already know, that we could implement this request immediately. At the same time, we will be open twice as often for our members. The following dates apply with immediate effect:

  • members evening: every Friday from 20 p.m. until approx. midnight
  • Public table: every second Saturday from 16 to 20 o Clock

You can find the new dates here.

The third question related to our equipment. There was a head-to-head race between a laser cutter and a CNC milling machine. In the end, the laser cutter had one more point. We expected this result and contacted the FabLab Karlsruhe in December, to possibly. her old laser cutter, the “Lasersaur”, to be able to take over. At the same time, we also have one fundraiser started, to be able to finance the laser cutter. A total of over €800 in donations was collected. At this point, a big thank you to everyone, who have donated.

We would like to say a special thank you to the FabLab Karlsruhe express, who gave us massive support, and offered us the laser cutter at a very reasonable price!

And now for the good news: the laser cutter has arrived at the FabLab! We still have to bring it up to speed, 1-2 renew parts, clean up, but the light at the end of the tunnel is getting closer.

The laser cutter on the way.
There is work to be done.

questions no. 4 and 5 wanted to know, whether you would like to do workshops with us and if so, which ones. The most mentioned workshop (Modeling with Blender) surprised us a bit. We expected the soldering course or the 3D printing basic course to come first. We try our best to design a Blender course, but we can't promise anything at the moment. other courses or. Theme nights are also in preparation. Keep an eye out for the announcements on our social media channels (see below in the menu “The Union”).

The remaining questions were of a more general nature. We received a very positive reception here, that most of the replies came from non-members. Hopefully we will also see these people in the FabLab and maybe. can win as a member.

In the last free text field, a wish confused us a bit. We pondered this for a while, what the author meant by that, a “Electronics vending machines” to provide. In the lab we have many different electronic components in stock, that can be used by members. If we didn't have something right there, feel free to write to us and we will do our best, to get it (if it is of interest to the general public).

Last but not least, we would like to thank all survey participants and hope so, that we can offer you something more through this survey!

New opening hours

We have good news for you: from now on the FabLab is open every week! Instead of the previous two-week rhythm, we are there for you every Friday. Please note, that the new dates every other week are only open to members!

  • even calendar weeks: Open to members
  • odd calendar weeks: Open to all

The exact opening hours can be found in the menu below The Union -> Events.

One small step for a human…

…a giant leap for FabLab Bruchsal. This weekend the time had finally come. after more than 2 Years we were finally able to move into our own clubhouse. For the first time there are tables and heavy-duty shelves – and not to forget: a chill-out area with a coffee machine. Here are a few impressions of the move:

That's just the beginning.
Our board of directors is happy about the space that has been freed up in their basement.
Temporary storage under the stairs.
A few machines are already there.
We have enough monitors.
Internet via mobile phone for the time being. The position ensures good reception.
Table – Puzzle
Where is that supposed to go??
It's a start…
Looks pretty neat.
The most important thing: the coffee-machine.

In the coming weeks we will continue to build up the facility, to be able to open the doors to the public as quickly as possible. We're also working on. an RFID-based entrance controll and are in the process of planning a 3D printing workshop.

If you would like to support us, you can have a look at our Amazon wish list:

Otherwise, I would like to point out our Telegram channel again at this point. Interesting conversations about handicrafts have already arisen there. You can find the link on the home page or below “The Union” -> “Contact”.

Happy New Year!

To start the year 2022 we have great news for you: we have a clubhouse! Two years after the foundation of the association, we finally have a permanent place where we can move in and offer you the possibilities, which we have planned for so long.

Our clubhouse is 90m2 large, so a lot of space to realize ideas. There is also a larger area behind the building, which could be used for one or the other club party after consultation. We are 3 walking distance from Ubstadt-Weiher train station, located directly on the country road in the direction of Bad Langenbrücken. Exact address will follow later.

There's still a tiny catch: we can only from that 01.04.2022 collect. But it won't be long until then. If we're the last 2 could last for years, will these scarce 3 months no longer affect us!

Here some more pictures:

FabLab recognized as Corona hero

We are happy to announce, that our FabLab from the Sparkasse Kraichgau for its local engagement in Bruchsal in the course of the work on the common FaceShield project as “Corona-Held” was awarded. The laudation is given by Dr.. Danyal Bayaz MdB held and the certificate was sent to our 2. Board member Jonathan Götz from Mayor Bruchsal's wife Cornelia Petzold-Schick presented.

Many thanks on behalf of the association for this honor and, above all, many thanks to all helpers of the FaceShield project, who were and still are Corona heroes without a certificate!

Three points were decisive for the award:

  • that we started realizing this project right at the beginning of the Corona period
  • that we have used innovative manufacturing techniques (3D-print and laser cut)
  • that the entire project was carried out exclusively on a voluntary basis