Demoscene Night

The demoscene. A phenomenon mainly from Europe. What is it and how did it come about? How long has the demoscene existed?? We will answer these and other questions at our next event: the Demoscene Night.

There will be a short presentation as an introduction, to show the terms and history of the scene. No fear, the presentation is short and crisp, we don't want to bore you with hundreds of slides. After that we will run various "demos" on classic computers such as e.g. an Amiga 500 show. There are also drinks, Snacks and pizza and hopefully a good party atmosphere.

The Demoscene Night takes place on 8. July (Saturday) directly after the public regulars' table. So here we go 20 o Clock. Participation in the event is free, but we would like to ask for it, you about the calendar entry to register, so we can estimate, How many participants should we expect?. You can find more information in our Wiki.