Happy New Year!

To start the year 2022 we have great news for you: we have a clubhouse! Two years after the foundation of the association, we finally have a permanent place where we can move in and offer you the possibilities, which we have planned for so long.

Our clubhouse is 90m2 large, so a lot of space to realize ideas. There is also a larger area behind the building, which could be used for one or the other club party after consultation. We are 3 walking distance from Ubstadt-Weiher train station, located directly on the country road in the direction of Bad Langenbrücken. Exact address will follow later.

There's still a tiny catch: we can only from that 01.04.2022 collect. But it won't be long until then. If we're the last 2 could last for years, will these scarce 3 months no longer affect us!

Here some more pictures: