Our rooms

Our clubhouse is located in Ubstadt-Weiher in the Bahnhofstr. 2 (please refer location). The room is approx. 90m2 big and in 3 divided areas: main room, Dirt room and lounge.

Ours is in the main room Electronic-Corner, 3D printer, Lasercutter, one computer and one laptop for members (z.B. work for CAD) and everything else, which doesn't make a mess.

Electronics corner and a couple of 3D printers.
Laser cutter twice. The big Lasersaur (to the right) and Makeblock's laser box (on loan from Solectric GmbH)

The bigger ones are in the dirt room machinery (apart from the laser cutter) z.B. for woodwork.

In the lounge we have a big couch, where you can easily exchange ideas.

The lounge encourages the exchange of ideas.