Bruchsal - a city, which has everything

At least said in local radio advertising. Well, almost everything. Until recently Bruchsal had no place where geeks, Nerds, could meet screwdriver and doers. We want to change the FabLab Bruchsal!

We are a newly established association and offer you soon a place where you can realize your ideas. If you do not yet know what a FabLab, Here is a brief summary of Wikipedia: "A FabLab (of English fabrication laboratory - manufacturing laboratory), sometimes called Makerspace, is an open workshop with the aim, individuals […] to provide access to modern manufacturing processes for individual pieces. " With us you can from the lathe on the laser cutter through to 3D printers use a wide variety of tools. We will also offer lectures for different topics, where you can expand your knowledge.

Our founding meeting took place on 23.11.2019 instead of, where we have chosen the board members. You want to bid you hereby welcome:

  • Lukas W. – 1. Board
  • Jonathan G. – 2. Board
  • Thomas S. - Treasurer
  • Michael S. - Secretary
  • Timo S. – Materialwart
  • Roland L. - Information Commissioner
  • Christian S. - youth- and Bildungsbeaftragter

If you feel like you have to visit us or join in the club, send us a message using the contact form or come into our Telegram-Chat.

We look forward to seeing you!